6 Templates & Molds - REPLAY Webinar STOP 2- Part 4

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Templates & Molds (Part 4) 3D Scan (Look and learn) 


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    Templates/Mold are what you use to custom fit the hairpiece to your client’s head.

When entering the field of hair replacement it is important to know the type of mold you will be using and why.

During this webinar Gigi will show you the necessary steps when working with 3D Scan 

  • Review the tools/supplies needed and
  • Preparing for the molds
  • Preparing the client
  • Questions and Answers


 After this webinar, you will be more familiar with when to use 3D Scanning as well as which clients need it.

Remember that choosing the right template is not about which product is easier to work with. It is about using the right techniques, for the right client at the right time