3 Templates & Molds- Webinar STOP 2- Part 1 REPLAY

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REPLAY Stop 2-  Part 1 Template and Molds

Templates/Mold are what you use to custom fit the hairpiece to your client’s head.

When entering the field of hair replacement it is important to know the type of mold you will be using and why.

During this webinar Series we will identify the different types of Templates /Molds such as…

  • Tape Molds
  • Cast Molds
  • Silicone Mold
  • 3D-Scanning

Part- 1 Tape Mold (Hands On)

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There will also be review over the tools and supplies needed to prepare  the molds

for your client as well as creating a tape mold application step by step


 Upon completion of this webinar you will not only be more familiar with the various types of templates and molds, but also the ability to identify when to use the mold and which client requires it.


  • Reviewing the tools/supplies needed 
  • Preparing for the molds
  • Preparing the client
  • Step by step application

Supplies needed list (see tape mold chapter in textbook)

You will need to purchase all of these supplies prior to the webinar


Tape Mold DVD (recommended purchase)