7 Products and Tools for Attachment -REPLAY- STOP 3

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3rd Stop - Products and Tools for Attachment (Look and Learn)


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During this webinar Gigi will give you a more in depth look at the different products for attaching your client’s hair piece. 

Special Guest: Tomeka James will be conducting a Hands On segment on the Roll-N-Sew attachment method. Bill co also does a male unit application. 

You will be more educated on the functions, 

 as well as advantages and disadvantages of different attachment methods such as…


  • ProFlex
  • Red Liner
  • Blue liner


  • Hard Bond
  • Soft Bond
  • Water Proof
  • Ghost Bond

Clips and weaves

  • Comb Style
  • Guillotine Style
  • Barrette Style


All of your clients will not be losing their hair at the same rate. It is important to know how to attach hairpieces, designs.

After this part of the series you should be familiarized with the various attachments for your client’s existing hair or scalp. 

As well as 

Daily Wear




Study this chapter in the textbook

All supplies can be found in textbook (Purchase Recommended)

*Chin Strap 

                                              Mentoring with GIGI is highly recommended