2 Base Material & Foundation- Webinar-Stop 1- Part 2

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Base Material & Foundation (part2)


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 In part one Gigi assisted you in familiarizing yourself with the base foundations that are needed in the hair replacement business. In this part of the journey you will you not only learn how to identify when to use certain base materials but also determine which is needed for a specific client, 

In addition to identifying materials, Gigi will share with you how to combine and mix materials (known as combinations) on the same hairpiece.


  Base Materials are the materials on which the hair on the hairpiece is incorporated. In this chapter Gigi helps you to identify the different varieties of foundation materials such as...

Mesh Fabrics 

    • Monofilament
    • Lace 

Polyester Cable


Skin Systems  

    • Polyurethane 
    • Silicone 

When entering the field of Hair replacement it is important to know the base foundation you will be using.

You Can Not design the proper hair piece for your client without thoroughly understanding the Base material and its function.

Base Material Rings are available for purchase at www.HairreplacementbyGigi.com