12 Pricing/Consultations/Closing the Sale- REPLAY

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Pricing/Consultations/Closing the Sale- REPLAY

Was: 10/26/20



Talking to a potential client about their hair loss should always take place before you start ordering. During the consultation, the client will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss their hair loss concerns. 

During this webinar Gigi will educate you on…


  • Formula
  • Prosthesis Price List
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Service Price List


  • What The Client Should Know
  • What the stylist should Know
  • Vocabulary
  • Consultation
  • What to say
  • When to say
  • How to say
  • Preparing Your Work Space For Consultation
  • Privacy
  • Consultation Tools 
  • Forms
  • Order form
  • Client Agreement 
  • Payment Plan

Closing The Sale 

  • Create the value
  • Confidence
  • Know your Prosthesis
  • Designing

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