Gigi Ford's Mentorship Program

Gigi Ford Mentorship Program


After taking Non-Surgical Hair Replacement courses with Gigi or purchasing The Curriculum Textbook, many of my students expressed the need for follow-up or reinforcement because there was so much information shared. Have you felt the same way? 

The program, Mentoring With Gigi, was designed with you in mind. It is ideal for anyone looking to HONE and brush up their hair replacement skills.

The program includes various packages carefully designed to identify and cater to areas and provide solutions.

Moreover, the program will also allow you to realize your skills and your strengths and utilize them to the fullest.

    At the end of each program, there will be an evaluation and an action plan to move you forward in your nonsurgical hair replacement business. I want to absolutely make sure you become an expert.




    The Journey of Non-Surgical Hair Replacement - $189 / month

    This is an automatic payment, recurring subscription for each month of the mentorship. 

    Program runs from February 14, 2022 to August 2022*


    Must be a licensed cosmetology license

    Must have a hair loss certificate

    Must be certified for 2 years or less 

    Required Materials:

    The Curriculum Textbook

    All About Insurance Non Surgical Hair Replacement Medical Edition

    Mind Your Business CD

    Base Material Ring

    Curl Ring

    Density Ring

    Perks of Gigi’s Mentorship Program:

    FREE 30 Day Replay of Each Meeting

    30% Replays

    20% In-Person Courses

    10% Anything Other Product on


    Whether you are a seasoned professional or are just beginning your career, Hair Replacement By Gigi is one of the leading educational institutions where a Hair Replacement Professional can learn each and every aspect of the industry. This association serves as a platform for business owners to connect with like-minded professionals. Our members are committed to staying current, informed and educated in all aspects of the hair loss profession and industry.

    Members Discussion Forum

    Keeping all members connected, discussing and helping each other is a primary goal for the Mentorship and an invaluable benefit. Our industry-wide private discussion forum is very active, and has proven to be an essential tool in getting help with technical issues, business advice and is available to members. 

    This course includes Hands-On instruction in Theory and Application of Hair Replacement. Qualified advisors will work with you in the areas of “Introduction to Hair Replacement”, “Women’s Hair Replacement”, “Men’s Hair Replacement”, and “Children Hair Replacement.” By taking the first step in your Hair Replacement journey, Gigi will help prepare you to increase your knowledge and skill set as you seek to expand your Hair Replacement practice! 


    By signing up for The Journey of Non-Surgical Hair Replacement, you agree to attend the bi-monthly video consultation meetings. Each meeting is typically around 1.5 hours. This is not a mentorship program you can neglect. Gigi expects each participant to hold themselves accountable by coming prepared to each meeting during this six month commitment with your homework and all required materials. 


    Base Materials

    Stock Hair Pieces and Designs

    Predesigned Hair Pieces 

    Custom Prothesis

    Hair Prothesis Designs


    Maintenance and Repair


    • Tape Template
    • Cast Template
    • Silicon Template

    Attachments, Tapes, Adhesives, Bonds

    *You may join after the program start date, but you will be responsible for catching up through the online replays. After the first round of the six-month mentorship, you will then enter into the new agenda for the next six months. Advancement to next levels is subject to review with exam. 

    Custom Consultations with Gigi Ford

    BOOK NOW! 

    Custom Consultations with Gigi - $100 / hr

    Upon purchase, you must connect with Gigi to set up your session which can be conducted over Zoom, Google Duo, Facetime, WhatsApp, or phone call. 


    Hair Replacement By Gigi is one of the leading educational institutions where a Hair Replacement Professional can learn each and every aspect of the industry. For those who aren't ready to commit to Gigi's Mentorship Program, we're doing it your way! Gigi is here to answer questions you may have to empower you with your Hair Replacement business strategy, building upon your knowledge and skill set.